Obituary – Professor W. Madelung

It is with great sadness that we here at The Shīʿah Institute learn of the death of Professor W. Madelung. We offer our heartfelt condolences to his family, friends and colleagues. The late Professor was a dear friend of the Dean of The Shīʿah Institute and his academic mentor. In 1999, Professor W. Madelung was appointed as the external examiner at the University of Edinburgh for the PhD viva of Sayyid Amjad H. Shah Naqavi. The late Professor was closely involved in many of our publications. He offered advice on our forthcoming publication of the English translation and Arabic critical edition of the Nahj al-Balāghah. For the last 7 years, since 2016, Professor W. Madelung was an esteemed member of The Shīʿah Institute Fellowship. We will remember Professor W. Madelung for his erudition, publications and quiet kindness.

An update on the Nahj al-Balāghah publication

A voluminous project, two decades in the making: An English literary translation and Arabic critical edition, by Dr Sayyid Amjad H. Shah Naqavi

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‘And so endure patiently, a beautiful patient endurance. Verily they see that far-off. And We see that at hand’

فَٱصْبِرْ صَبْرًۭا جَمِيلًا ٥ إِنَّهُمْ يَرَوْنَهُۥ بَعِيدًۭا ٦وَنَرَىٰهُ قَرِيبًۭا ٧

The Noble Qurʾān
Sūrah Al-Maʿārij
Verses 5-7