he Shīʿah Institute facilitates and promotes scholarship on Shīʿah Ithnā ʿAsharī Islam, its heritage, and its peoples. It provides a forum for the highest standard of scholarship and research and the academic dissemination of the timeless and universal aspects of the Shīʿah tradition.

The Institute’s research, symposia, memorial lecture series, and publications aim to present diverse approaches founded upon effective traditions of textual scholarship and hermeneutics, complemented by modern academic methodologies in order to preserve, illuminate, and share the Shīʿah intellectual tradition.

The Shīʿah Institute is an independent, non-political organisation and is committed to collaboration with academic institutes and organisations with similar aims.

The Fellowship of the Shīʿah Institute is comprised of scholars working within a variety of disciplines under the umbrella of Shīʿah studies. It is an honorary appointment in recognition of academic contributions and excellence.

The Institute is dedicated to sharing the rich tradition of Shīʿah scholarship with humanity and to ensuring a bright future for quality academic research pertaining to Shīʿah Islam.

Shiah Institute promoting academic scholarship