he Shīʿah Institute facilitates veritable scholarship on Twelver Shia Islam and promulgates the timeless and universal teachings of the Ahl al-Bayt.

The aim of the Shī’ah Institutes’s research and publications is to present true translations, prudent monographs, and new editions of works in their original languages, founded on erudite methods of textual scholarship and hermeneutics, and complemented by modern methodologies and technologies, to preserve, illuminate, and share the primary sources of the Shia spiritual, religious, and intellectual tradition.

The Shīʿah Institute is an independent, non-political organisation and is committed to collaboration with scholarly institutes, organisations and learned individuals with similar aims.

The fellowship of the Shīʿah Institute is comprised of scholars working within a variety of disciplines under the umbrella of Shia studies. It is an honorary appointment in recognition of sagacious contributions.

The Shīʿah Institute is dedicated to sharing the rich tradition of scholarship on Shia Islam with humanity and to ensuring a bright future for quality education, lectures, publications, and symposia on Shia Islam.

Shiah Institute promoting academic scholarship