The Exalted Qurʾān
A New English Translation

by Sayyid Amjad H. Shah Naqavi

Revealed to the Prophet Muḥammad – may God bless him and his descendants – the Qurʾān is the word of God, the sacred scripture of Islam and an unparalleled masterpiece of Arabic language and literature. In The Exalted Qurʾān, the Dean of The Shīʿah Institute, Dr Sayyid Amjad H. Shah Naqavi draws upon his erudition and superlative command of both Arabic and English to present a new translation grounded in an authentic engagement with the original text. Dr Shah Naqavi brings to the fore the majestic literary and linguistic beauty of the Qurʾān with rare eloquence and clarity in a genuinely new translation that will be of enduring value to any scholar, student or reader.