Sacred Illuminations
A Garland of Wisdom

An explication and translation of selected philosophical, mystical, and theological treatises, by Sayyid Amjad H. Shah Naqavi.

In Sacred Illuminations: A Garland of Wisdom, the Dean of The Shīʿah Institute, Dr Sayyid Amjad H. Shah Naqavi gathers together some of the most profound philosophical, mystical and theological treatises from the Islamic tradition. Dr Shah Naqavi’s precise explications and elegant translations capture the contemplative depth and spiritual rhapsodies of some of the most influential philosophers, mystics, theologians and poets in Islamic history. Drawing upon the rich heritage of Arabic, Persian and Urdu literature, Sacred Illuminations: A Garland of Wisdom is a compendium of insight and illumination that will enthral and enlighten scholars, students and readers. The first chapter to be published in this serialisation is al-Qāḍī Saʿīd Muḥammad b. Muḥammad Mufīd al-Qummī’s (b. 1049AH/1640CE, d. 1107/ 1696) The Spirit of Prayer (Ruḥ al-ṣalāt).