The Classical Shīʿah Library

This series is devoted to authentic  translations of key texts in the classical Twelver Shīʿah tradition. Such texts include compilations of prophetic and imāmic sayings, classical Shīʿah literature, and seminal works of jurisprudence, theology, mysticism, and philosophy. The volumes of this series are published in dual text format (for easy comparison of the translation with the original) and supported by such academic necessities as annotations and references.

The Modern Shīʿah Library

A series which shows the continuity of Shīʿah scholarship from the classical period that is devoted to translations of key texts in the modern Twelver Shīʿah tradition as well as to works that sincerely engage with this tradition.

The  Shīʿah Heritage of South-Asia

Many of the works that comprise the scholarly heritage of the Shīʿah people in South Asia remain unknown. This pioneering series comprises facsimile editions and critical editions of key texts originally written in Arabic, Persian, and Urdu. Each volume in the series is complete with analytical introductions, annotations, and indices.

Studies in Shīʿah Islam

A series of research monographs that engages in both the historical analysis of the Shīʿah tradition and reflection upon contemporary issues in the Shīʿah world. This series offers new insights into the Shīʿah tradition and new directions into theological reasoning.

Short Introductions to Shīʿah Islam

Comprised of short and accessible introductions to key figures, concepts, and fields of study in Shīʿah intellectual history, this series offers readers the unique opportunity to take the first step into the world of Shīʿah learning.

The Shīʿah Institute Symposia Series

This series publishes the proceedings of the Shīʿah Institute’s annual symposium, which gathers together leading scholars from around the globe to contribute research on various themes, issues, and disciplines pertinent to Shīʿah Islam.