Book launch – Jawn Martyr of Karbala Lamented

On the 14th of November 2014, the Shīʿah Institute had the honour of commemorating the Lords of Karbala and contributing 1,104 verses of poetry to the Urdu literary canon with the launch of Marsiyah dar hal Janab Jawn ibn Hawiyy mawla Abi Dharr al-Ghifari; or, Jawn Martyr of Karbala Lamented by His Highness Raja Mohammad Amir Ahmad Khan (1914-1973). This work marks the Shīʿah Institute’s first publication, and the first volume in The Shīʿah Heritage of South Asia series.

The book launch ceremony was held at Senate House, University of London. Guests were addressed by Arthur Dudney, Sayyid Mohammed Raza Shabbar, Paul Keeler, Mawlana Sayyid Sajjad Naqvi, Rajkumar Ali Khan, and Sayyid Sajjad H Rizvi on topics including the extraordinary contributions and life of the late Raja, the Islamic poetic traditions of the subcontinent, and the significance of mourning in the context of Muharram. Guests were also granted moving recitations by Bezhan Ahmad Naqizada, Abbas Lalji, Sayyid Kashif Raza, Zafar Abbas Zafar, and Rajkumar Amir Khan. At the end of the ceremony Sayyid Amjad H Shah Naqavi presented a leather-bound edition of the published work to the Mahmudabad library and gift editions to each of the speakers. The ceremony closed with a recitation of the Ziyarat for the Lords of Karbala. The ceremony was then followed by reception with tea, coffee, and cakes, as well as a meal provided by the Shīʿah Institute.

The Shīʿah Institute would like to thank all the 110 guests for their attendance, each of the speakers for their thoughtful words and recitations, the family of the late Raja Sahib for entrusting the Institute with the publication, and everyone at Senate House for their help in hosting such a successful event.

Marsiyah dar hal Janab Jawn ibn Hawiyy mawla Abi Dharr al-Ghifari; or, Jawn Martyr of Karbala Lamented will soon be available for purchase from Details on the publication can be found on our publications page.